GOIND, BHAI, a Ghei Khatri of Sultanpur Lodhi, embraced the Sikh faith in the time of Guru Amar Das. He took part in sevd for the digging of the sacred pool at Amritsar under Guru Arjan. Bhai Gurdas describes Bhai Goind in his Varan, XI.20, as one of the leading disciples of the Guru. GOIND, BHAI, also known as Bhai Gonda (1569-1649), head of a dhudn, seat or branch of Udasi Sikh preachers, was born on 27 July 1569 in a Khatri family of Srinagar in Kashmir.

He was the son of BhaiJai Dev and Mat Subhadra. Guided by a Nanakshahi (Sikh) sddhu, he came to the Punjab in 1596 and received instruction from Guru Arjan at Kartarpur. During the time of Guru Hargobind, he attached himself to the service of Baba Gurditta, the eldest son of the Guru and head of the Udasi sect. On 11 September 1637, he was ordained head of a dhudn. Making Kiratpur and, later, Phillaur as the headquarters of his branch, Bhai Goind preached mostly in the Doaba, country between the Rivers Sutlej and Beas.

He died on 15 September 1649 at Phillaur where a samddh or mausoleum was constructed in his honour. His dhudn languished away after his death. BIBLIOGRAPHY Randhir Singh, Uddsi Sikhan di Vithid. Amritsar, 1972 Brahmanand, Pandit, Guru Uddsin Matt Darpan. Sakhar (Sindh), 1923

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