GOKHU MAHITA, BHAI, Bhai Toda Mahita. Bhai Tota and Bhat Maddu, all devoted Siklis who performed dedicated service at the time of the excavation of the sacred tank at Amritsar, once came to Guru Arjan and begged to be instructed. The Guru told them to sit in the sangal and recite gurbum. The Guru spoke: “Recitation of the sacred hymns cleanses the mind of sinful thought. To the listeners it gives comfort.

Reflecting upon gurbdnt with no desire other than emancipation of the soul leads to gicin or true knowledge. Ego is thus overcome. Knowledge of the Self annihilates the sense of duality, resulting in Bliss Eternal. Assemble, therefore, in the snngal of the virtuous, recite gurbdm, reflect upon it, and earn release from worldly bondage.” The four, writes Bhat Man! Singh, acted upon the Guru`s advice and attained liberation (Varan, XI. 18).

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