HATHI SINGH (d. 1783) was the son of Ajit Singh, adopted son of Guru Gobind Singh`s widow Mata Sundari. When Mata Sundari disowned Ajit Singh for his profligacy and moved from Delhi to Mathura, she took with her Hathi Singh and his mother, Tara BaT. As he grew up, Hathi Singh, too, like his father, became a pretender to guruship. He used to substitute his own name for Nanak in scriptural hymns and claim them as his own. Disgusted with his behaviour, Mata Sundari discarded him and came back to live at Delhi.

Hathi Singh, after the Sack of Mathura by Ahmad Shah Durrani, migrated to Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, where he established a sangat of his own. He died there without an heir in 1783. His samddh, i.e. memorial shrine, is situated in the premises of Gurdwara Ban Sarigat, Burhanpur.

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