SINGARU, BHAI, and his brother Jaita, both brave soldiers, received initiation at the hands of Guru Arjan. The Guru directed them to be in attendance upon his son, Hargobind. They continued to serve the latter and were happy to see him installed as Guru in 1606. According to Bhai Santokh Singh, Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Grantli, they were once on a visit to their native village when they were given by a yogi ash of mercury supposed to turn base metal into gold.

They brought it as an offering for Guru Hargobind. The Guru, however, cast the ash into the pool, saying: “This is mere charlatanry for one who has reduced his ego to ashes. The ash of mercury might transform copper into gold, but the reduction of ego transforms man into God.” Bhai Singaru and his brother ranked among the prominent Sikhs of the time. They also took part in Guru Hargobind`s battles with the Mughal troops.

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