KESHO DAS, a idnirika (practitioner of magical techniques) of Varanasi, once came to Guru Gobind Singh at Anandpur and claimed that, if necessary facilities and provisions were made available to him, he could make the goddess Durga manifest the goddess who would eliminate oppression from the world. Though Guru Gobind Singh was not impressed by Kesho Das`s claim, some in the audience were. The Guru, in order to demonstrate the futility of tantra and other such cults, permitted Kesho Das to carry out his experiment.

For months the Brahman continued with his incantations living meanwhile on the Guru`s bounty, but no goddess appeared. At last the Brahman for fear of exposure absconded. Guru Gobind Singh declared to the sangat that the real goddess Durga was the sword (as symbol of armed strength) which alone could overcome oppression and injustice.

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