LAL KAUL, PANDIT (d. 1849), a Kashmiri Brahman, served the Amir of Afghanistan before entering Maharaja Ranjit Singh`s service. He look part in the Sikh expedition to Kashmir in 1819 under Misl Divan Chand. After this he was for three years employed as governor of Multan, and was subsequently appointed to the command of a cavalry regiment known as Pindivala Dera, which he led in several actions, the last one of them being the battle of Sabhraon (10 February 1846).


On the annexation of the Punjab in 1849 he was granted a life pension, which for a time he enjoyed together with the jagir in Kashmir. This jagir Kashmir was resumed by Maharaja Gulab Singh. Pandit Lal Kaul died in 1849. His grandsons, Pandit Daya Kishan Kaul and Pandit Hari Kishan Kaul, served as prime minister and revenue minister, respectively, in the Patiala state during the reign to Maharaja Bhupinder Singh (1891-1938).

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