TILOKA, BHAI, a Suhar Khatri officer in the Mughal army at Ghazni, once waited on Guru Arjan and said, “Soldiering being my profession, violence is my duty. How shall I be saved ?” The Guru spoke, “Remain firm in your duty as a soldier, but let not your mind be touched by violence.” Tiloka received initiation as a Sikh and went back to Ghazni. One day, as says Bhai Santokh Singh, Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth, Tiloka slayed during the chase a pregnant doe. As he slashed his prey, , twin embroys, almost fully developed, were discovered, both dying after a few convulsive movements. Bhai Tiloka was filled with remorse and took a vow never to kill again.

He started wearing a sword with a wooden blade, but a proper hilt for show. A complaint reached the ears of the governor, who ordered a parade. As he started inspecting the soldiers` weapons, Bhai Tiloka prayed the Guru for succour. Amazingly, tells the chronicler, Tiloka`s wooden sword, when unsheathed, turned out to be gleaming steel. When Bhai Tiloka next visited the Guru, he narrated the story to the sangat.

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