ALIF KHAN, who is mentioned in Guru Gobind Singh\’s Bachitra Natak, was an officer in the Mughal army of Aurangzib. In 1691, he was despatched by Mian Khan, the viceroy of Jammu, to Kangra for collecting arrears of tribute from the hill chiefs. Raja Kirpal Chand Katoch of Kangra and Raja Dyal of Bijharval submitted to Alif Khan, but not Raja Bhim Chand of Kahlur. Bhim Chand enlisted the support of several of the chieftains against Alif Khan. He also requested Guru Gobind Singh for help.

The combined force reached Nadaun, on the bank of the River Beas, 32 km southeast of Kangra. Kirpal Chand Katoch and Raja Dyal sided with the Mughal general. The battle in which Guru Gobind Singh himself took part was fought on 20 March 1691. Guru Gobind Singh described the action in his Bachitra Natak in vivid and rousing verse. Alif Khan fled in utter disarray “without being able to fold up his camp.”

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