JAHANDAD KHAN, one of the many sons of Painda Khan and a half brother of Fatch Khan Wazir, was appointed governor of Attock by Shah Shuja`, the king of Afghanistan. In 1809, Fatch Khan dethroned Shah Shuja`, placed Shah Mahmud on the throne and himself became prime minister. Shah Shuja` was taken prisoner at Attock by Jaharidad Khan who had him delivered to his brother `Ata Muhammad Khan, the governor of Kashmir. Fateh Khan turned towards Kashmir and defeated and expelled `Ata Muhammad.

Jaharidad Khan, fearing that Fatch Khan would oust him from Allock, surrendered the fort in 1813 to Maharaja Ranjit Singh in return for a jdgir and cash allowance. In 1818, Ranjit Singh captured Peshawar and placed it under the charge of Jahandad Khan. Another BarakzaT brother. Yar Muhammad Khan, expelled Jahandad Khan from Peshawar forcing him to flee back to Attock. Jahandad Khan remained a steadfast supporter of Maharaja RanjTt Singh till the end.

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