WAZIRKHAN (d. 1634) is the name popularly given by Sikh chroniclers to Hakim `Alim udDin, son of Shaikh `Abd ulLatif of Chiniot, a town now in Jhang district of Pakistan Punjab. Trained as a physician, he rose in favour with Emperor Shah Jahan, who created him a ma.nsa.bdar of 5000 at and so war and appointed him governor of Lahore in 1628, which office he held until 1633. Wazir Khan was a pious man and an admirer of Guru Arjan. He had, as says Bhai Santokh Singh, Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth, felt great relief listening to the Guru`s Sukhmani when suffering from dropsy. 

Since that day he had learnt to reverence Guru Arjan. His efforts to plead on behalf of Guru Arjan in Emperor Jahangir`s court and shield him against the malice of Chandu Shah had been in vain. In 1633, Wazir Khan, was transferred to Agra as governor. He died there in 1634.

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