HARSA SINGH, GENERAL (d. 1887), son of Sham Singh, was a soldier in the Khalsa army, and commanded one of the regiments of the French brigade. He had the rank of general under Maharaja Sher Singh. In 1848, he fought on the side of Diwan Mul Raj at Multan. He was deprived of his jdgirs by the British after the Punjab was annexed in 1849. During the uprising of 1857, he enlisted in the llth Bengal Lancers as a Risaldar.

He retired in 1860 with the title of Sardar. Sardar Harsa Singh was a Provincial Darbari and resided at Sultanvind, Amritsar. His son,Jasvant Singh, also a Risaldar in the llth Bengal Lancers, received the Order of Merit for his services in connection with the Afghan Boundary Commission. Harsa Singh died at Amritsar in 1887.

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