JAIMAL SINGH RANDHAVA (1803-1870), son of Prcm Singh of the village of Khunda in Gurdaspur district, served the Lahore Darbar and thereafter the British. Jaimal Singh entered the service of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1836. He received a command in the RamgarhTa brigade from Lahina Singh Majithia in place of his father in law Fateh Singh Chahal who had died. Jaimal Singh proceeded to Peshawar in the company of Lahina Singh to relieve the Sikh army after the battle of Jamrud in April 1837.

Jaimal Singh worked as Naib Adalati or deputy judge of Amritsar in 1847 under Lahina Singh Majithia. After the annexation of the Punjab in 1849, he was appointed TahsTldar of Batala. Although ignorant of the English system of administration, he carried out his duties with such ability that he was made an extra assistant commissioner and placed in the Thaggi Department where he proved a great asset. He resigned his office of extra assistant commissioner in 1860. He was appointed an honorary magistrate and continued to serve in that capacity until his death in 1870.

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