JAWAHAR SINGH (d. 1838), son of Bishan Singh and great grandson of Sodhi Abhai Ram, served in the Sikh army under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The family traced its descent from Baba Kaul, founder of the village of Dhilvari, now in Faridkot district. Abhai Ram, who enjoyed the esteem of the chiefs of Patiala and Nabha, added to the family`s fortunes. Jawahar Singh established himself at Dhilvari and being the eldest in the family succeeded to the sarddn or chicf ship after his father`s death in 1826.

Jawahar Singh fought under Diwan Mohkam Chand in the cis Sutlej campaign conquering territories for the Lahore Darbar. During this campaign Zira, Mudki, Kot Kapura, Badhni and Chuhar Chakk were occupied. Jawahar Singh founded the village of Sibiari and took possession of Kalekc. As a reward for the services rendered by him in various expeditions including those of Multan and Peshawar, Maharaja Ranjit Singh conferred upon him some villages in Zira tahsil and Dusarijh in Moga. Jawahar Singh died in 1838.`

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