MIHAN SINGH (d. 1841), Sikh governor of Kashmir from 1834 to 1841. He had taken part in numerous military operations under Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his successors. As governor of Kashmir, he ordered a free assessment of the land in the province. He also had his TarikhiKashmir, which was also a document of much historical and economic importance, compiled. Soon after Maharaja Sher Singh`s accession, two battalions of the Sikh army in Kashmir revolted and on 17 April 1841 assassinated Mihari Singh at his residence in Srinagar. MIHAN SINGH (d. 1870), son of Ram Singh, a Kahlori Jatt of the village of Bhagovala, near Batala, in Gurdaspur district, served under the Majithia chiefs and received jdgirs from them.

He was a minor when his father died in 1809 while serving in the force of Desa Singh Majithia. Mihari Singh, on be coming able to bear arms, was placed by Desa Singh Majithia under his son Lahina Singh. He obtained an assignment of rupees 2,200 per annum from the tribute of Mandi, Kulu, Suket, Karigra, Bilaspur and Nadaun on Lahina Singh`s appointment as governor of the hill districts. Mihari Singh was confirmed in his estate after the death in 1832 of Desa Singh Majithia and was appointed Ihdneddr at Amritsar. He died in 1870. BIBLIOGRAPHY Griffin, Sir Lcpel and G.F. Massy, Chiefs and Families of Note in the Punjab. Lahore, 1909

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