CHAKKI SAHIB GURUDWARA, EMINABAD Janamsakhis also mention Guru Nanak Dev\’s being made a prisoner at the hands of Babar\’s men. He was made to grind corn with a hand-driven millstone (chakki in Punjabi), but his captors were surprised to see that the millstone revolved by itself while the prisoner only poured grist into it. When the miracle was reported to Babar, he himself came the Guru, and after talking to him he set free not only the but all other prisoners too, many of whom became the Guru\’s followers.

The millstone was preserved as an object of veneration and much later, a Gurudwara was established where the millstone was kept, it is named Gurudwara Chakki Sahib.Its present building is a simple flat-roofed room with some ancillaries and a brick paved compound, inside the town. In Samvat 1578 when the armies of Emperor Baber captured Saidpur (Eminahad), they took Gur Nanak Dev Ji as prisoner along with many other people. He was put to hard labour on a g14mt, grinder.

The officials saw that the grinder of Baha Ji was moving on its own. They inform ed Itabal about it who called Baba Ji to his court and talked to Baha Ji. He was pleased and impressed by Baba Ji and ordered his immediate release. Baba Ji ordered the release of other prisoners and 11111 thousands of prisoners were released due to Baba Ji. A Gurdwara was built at the site where Guru Ji turned grinding wheel . A fair is held on Visakhi.

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