PEHLI PATSHAHI GURUDWARA, LAHORE : This historical place is situated just inside Delhi Darwaza near old Kotwali Chowk in Sirianwala Bazaar (Lahore). All the gates of the city lead to this historic place. In 1510 A.D. (1567 B.K.), Guru Nanak, while redeeming the world from sins, reached the house of Duni Chand, an ardent follower of the Guru. The severed heads of goats were sold near Bhai Duni Chand\’s house. That is why this is known as Sirianwala Bazaar. The day Guru Nanak reached there, Duni Chand was performing Shradha of his father.

The Guru while expounding on the futility of such ceremonies, said that giving alms in charity and feeding the hungry human beings was a good act but performance of Shrada was worthless. Duni Chand having freed of his superstition, turned his house in to a Dharamshala. The Guru blessed him with his holy presence. It is known as Dharamshala Satguru Nanak Dev ji. From the very beginning, Mahants managed the administration of this holy shrine. In 1920 A.D., the local committee took over the management and after 1927, S.G.P.C. was made responsible for this shrine under Gurdwara act. The situation remained so till the partition of the country.

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