GURDWARA HOLGARH SAHIB stands on the site of Holgarh Fort, one and a half km north-west of the town across the Charan Gariga rivulet. It was here that Guru Gobind Singh introduced in the spring of 1701, the cel-ebration of hola on the day following the Hindu festival of colour-throwing, holi. Unlike the playful sprinkling of colours as is done during holi, the Guru made hola an occasion for Sikhs to demonstrate skills-al-arms in simulated battle. Hola or Hola Mahalla, became thereafter an annual tour-ney of warlike sports in Anaiidpur as long as the Guru stayed there.

The observance of Hola Mahalla was revived after the Sikhs had established their rule in Punjab. It is now the biggest festival of Anandpur. The mahalla or the march on this occasion starting from the Takht Sahib on the concluding day of the week-long festival ends at Holgarh, where sports like fencing, coil-throwing and tent-pegging are held. The present building, a three-storeyed octagonal, domed edifice, was constructed under the supervision of Sant Seva Singh and was completed in 1970. The sanctum is in the middle of the marbled ground floor

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