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KALHA, RAI, feudatory chief of Raikot in Ludhiana district of the Punjab, was a contemporary of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708). Converted from Hinduism to Islam, the Rai`s family were still among the admirers of the Gurus. When Guru Gobind Singh, after his escape from Chamkaur, was passing through his territory, Rai Kalha received him warmly and served him with devotion. He sent one of his own men to Sirhind to bring news of the Guru`s mother and his two younger sons, while he himself attended upon the Guru who was then putting up at LammariJatpura. As the messenger returned and narrated how the Guru`s sons had been executed under the orders of the Sirhind official, Rai Kalha was overwhelmed with grief.

Guru Gobind Singh consoled him and before departing bestowed upon him three gifts a sword, a waterjug and a rack to hold a religious book for recitation. Kalha kept these articles as sacred relics and so did his son after him. But his grandson is said to have put on the sword during chase. According to Bhai Santokh Singh, Sri Gur Praia? Suraj Granth, he hurt himself with it while attempting to kill a deer and died of the wound thus sustained. In British days, a descendant of the family presented the sword to the English deputy commissioner of Ludhiana. It was ultimately sent to England, where it was kept in the British Museum. The other two relics were preserved in the family until 1947 when it migrated to Pakistan.

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