BHAROVAL, village 15 km east of Tarn Taran (31°27`N, 74°56`E) along the Tarn TaranGoindval road, is sacred to Guru Angad (1504-52), who stayed here awhile on his way back from Khan Chhapri to Khadur Sahib. The commemorative shrine formerly known as Guruana is now called Gurdwara Guru Angad Sahib. The present complex, reconstructed during the 1980`s, includes a marblefloored, rectangular divan hall, with the sanctum at the far end and a verandah around it.

Above the sanctum is a domed square room with a goldplated pinnacle on top. A rectangular sarovar, holy tank, 36×24 metres, is to the north of the hall. Two separate Nishan Sahibs, Sikh standards, one at each corner, fly atop high flagpoles in front. Guru ka Larigar is in an adjacent compound. The Gurdwara is maintained by the local sangat, Sikh community.

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