GOBINDPURA, village 7 km west of Bareta (29°52`N, 75°42`E) in Mansa district of the Punjab, is sacred to Guru Tcgh Bahadur as well as to Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Tcgh Bahadur, says the Sdkhi Polhi, arrived here from Bachchhoana on his way to Gaga and further east. Guru Gobind Singh passed through it on his way back from Akbarpur Khudal to Sirsa in 1706. Separate Mariji Sahibs in the form of platforms dedicated one each to them were built in a single hall.

The Guru Granth Sahib was seated on a third platform between the two. The building has now been reconstructed. The Gurdwara is administered by the village sangat. Religious assemblies are held on amdvasyd the last day of the dark half of the month, when an unbroken recital (akhand path) of the Guru Granth Sahib is concluded, followed by kzrtan and discourses and a community meal.

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