AGAMPUR or AGAMPURA, lit. city unapproachable or inaccessible (Skt. agamya plus pur or pura). The word appears in one of the hymns of Guru Nanak in Asa measure where it is used to signify God`s abode or the ultimate state or stage of spiritual enlightenment and bliss. Another term used synonymously in the same hymn is nijaghar, lit. one`s own real home signifying the ultimate sphere of jivatma.

The relevant stanza first raises the question: Tell me how the city unapproachable is reached,” followed by the answer, “By discarding such measures as Japu (mechanical repetition of God`s name), tapu (bodily mortification) and hath nigrahi (forced control of the senses).” Realizing the Guru`s Word in practice is prescibed as the right path to agampur (GG, 436).

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