AHALYA On seeing Ahalya, the wife of sage Gautama, Indra, the king of gods was fascinated. He repented in his mind, when he got a thousand marks of vulva on his body.(Prabhati M. l, pp 1343-44) The god Indra wailed and wept, when he received a thousand marks of vulva on his body.(Var Ramkali M. 3, Shalok M. l, p. 953) The wife of Gautama, who had been turned into a stone, was saved. (Gond Namdev, p. 874) Gautama, the sage, was the Guru of Indra, the king of gods. He had a very pretty wife named Ahalya. On seeing her enchanting beauty, Indra was highly fascinated.While the sage was out for taking a bath, Indra entered the hermitage in the guise of the sage and took bed with Ahalya.

Indra was not left the place still, when the sage returned. Indra and Ahalya were both cursed by the sage. Indra had to lose his testicles and his body was tainted with a thousand marks of vulva on his body. Ahalya was to be turned into a stone. On her entreaties, the sage took pity on her and declared that she would take her original form, the moment Sri Rama touched her in Treta Yuga. It is said in the Ramayana, that Sri Rama, while wandering in the forests of Dandaka, touched Ahalya with his feet and restored her to her former state.

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