AVATARS OF VISHNU (Incarnations of Vishnu) There are millions of incarnating Vishnus. (Bhairo M. 5, p. 1156) Under the Will of the Lord, ten incarnations (of Vishnu) were created. (Mani M. l, f,. 1037) Krishan (It connotes Vishnu here) is always busy in incarnating himself; whom should then the world follow? (Wadhans M. 3, p. 559) The number of Avatars of Vishnu have not always remained the same. In Mahabharata, the following ten, in order have been mentioned: 1. The Hansa (Swan) 2. Kachh or Kurma (Tortoise) 3. Machh or Matsya (Fish) 4. Varaha (Boar) 5. Narsingh (Man-Lion) 6. Vamana (DwarQ 7. Parashurama 8. Rama 9. Satvata 10. Kaiki In Bhagavata Purana, twenty-two have been described, including Prithu, Dhanwantari and Kapila.

In the Dasam Granth, the Sikh Scripture, there is mention of twenty-four incarnations; but generally ten are mentioned : Four of Satyuga (or Krityayuga) viz. Matsya (Fish), Kurma (Tortoise), Varaha (Boar) and Narsingh (Man-lion); Three of Treta Yuga viz. Vamana (Dwarf), Parashurama and Rama; One of Dwapara Yuga i.e. Krishna and Two of Kaliyuga viz. Buddha and the forthcoming Kalki. Guru Granth Sahib rejects the worship of gods and their incarnations, because they are all the created beings and also prone to death. It lays emphasis on the worship of the Transcendental Brahman (Nirguna), Who is Immortal and Infinite.

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