BALABHADRA (BALARAMA) Hari Himself likes the service of the Guru, Krishna and Balabhadra meditate at the feet of the Guru. (Gauri Guareri M. 4, p. 165) Balabhadra is another name of Balarama, the elder brother or Krishna. He is known as the incarnation of the white hair of Brahma. In Mahabharata it is stated that Vishnu took two hairs, the white one and the black one. They became Balarama and Krishna, the sons of Devaki.

Thus Balarama was of white complexion and Krishna of black. It is said that Balarama was transferred from Devaki to Rohini, therefore he is considered the half-brother of Krishna. He was brought up by Nanda. He is often regarded as the eighth Avatar ofVishnu. Some consider him as the incarnation of Sheshanaga.

He was a man of great strength and exhibited his might in several exploits alongwith his brother Krishna. He diverted the course of river Yamuna and killed the demons named Dhenuka, Pralamba and Dwivida. He taught both Duryodhana and Bhima the use of mace. He was married to Revati and had two sons : Nisatha and Ulmuka. When Arjuna stole away his sister Subhadra, with the connivance of Krishna, Balarama pursued him, but the reconciliation was brought up by the intervention of Krishna. See : Das Avatars and Krishna

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