DASRATH (JASRATH) (Guru Ramdas) was like Rama, the beautiful chief of the dan of Raghu and son of Dasrath….. (Swayye Mahle Chauthe Ke, p. 1401) My king Raja Ramchand, the son of Jasrath (Dasrath)—His Name, says Namdev, be drunk as the essence and ambrosia. (Ramkali Namdev, p. 973) Dasrath, the king of Ayodhya, was the son of Aja, the king of the Solar dynasty. He had three wives, viz., Kaushalya, the mother of Rarna; Sumitra, the mother of Lakshrnana and Shatrughana and Kaikeyi, the mother of Bharata. Rama was the incarnation of Vishnu.

He •was also the crown prince and when his coronation was drawing near, his step-mother Kaikeyi prevailed upon the king Dasrath to banish Rama from kingdom for fourteen years and instead make her son Bharata, the king of the state. The king was very unhappy over this development. Rama agreed to go into the exile in the forests. He was accompanied by Lakshrnana, his brother and his wife Sita. It is said that within a week of the departure of Rama, Dasrath died of grief. See : Rama , Lakshmana and Sita .

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