HIRANYAKSHA (pronounced as Harnakhash) (Killed by boar incarnation of Vishnu. He may not be mistaken as father of Prahlada). Which ones were not ferried across by the remembrance of the Lord? Those of the flying birds like Hansa Avstår, those of the fish form like fish incarnation, those of the deer form like the Shringi sage and those of the boar form like the boar incarnation—all were ferried across in the company of the saint. (Malar M. 5, p. 1269) O Lord, Thou art the Ishwara supporting the earth, Narayana, the man-lion.

Thou art the boar with protruding teeth and supporting the earth. (Maru M. 5, p. 1082) Hiranyaksha, was the brother of the tyrant demon king Hiranyakashipu. He propitiated Brahma and attained the boon of invincibility. He was exempted from hurt by god, man or beast. In great pride, he began to harrass the gods and men.

He even dragged the earth to the nether-regions under the waters where from it was saved by Vishnu, who assumed the form of a boar and caused it to float again.He killed the tyrant demon with his tusks. See : Das Avatars —the boar incarnation and also Hiranyakashipu .

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