If you pray fraudulently in your mind, what is the need of going to Ka\’bah .for a Å«^/ ? (Prabhali Kabir, p. 1350) The Sheikh (Muslim divine) without the quality of sabar (patience)—why should he go to Ka\’bab for a hajj, says Kabir ? The one who has no completeness of the heart, why should he hope for union with God? (Shalok Kabir, p. 1374) Ka\’bah is a square temple in the city of Mecca, which is the most sacred shrine of the Muslims. It is said to have been built by Adam and later on rebuilt by Abraham and Ishmael.

Abraham placed in one of its corners the black stone given by the Archangel Gabriel. Just nearby, there is the Zamzam well, from which Hagar drew water to save the life of her son Ishmael. The Prophet Mohammad, who was bom and bred in Mecca, removed the idols from the Ka\’bah and established Mecca as the holy city of Islam. Whenever and wherever the Muslim prays, he has to turn his face towards Ka\’bah and is bound to make a pilgrimage and perform hajj in this sacred shrine, in his lifetime.

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