KHAGATANA Khagatana (the body of a bird), Meentana (the body of a fish), Mrtgatana (the body of a deer) and Brabatana (the body of a boar), were all emancipated in the company of the saint (Guru). (Malar M. 5, p. 1269) The personage in the body of a bird (Khaga) was Hansa (Swan) incarnation of Satyuga or Jatayu of Treta Yuga. Jatayu tried to intercept Ravana when he was forcibly taking away Sita. Rama found him in time to hear his dying words.

The personage in the body of a fish was the fish incarnation of Vishnu. The personage in the body of a deer was the sage Shringi. His story is related in the Ramayana. He passed the earlier years of his life in the hermitage of his father in the forest and therefore had not seen the face of a woman. The damsels sent by the Raja of Anga enticed hun from the hermitage of his father. When he reached there he caused the rain to fall in plenty. He was married to Santa, the daughter of the RaJa.

Afterwards he •was engaged to perform the aswamedha of Maharaja Dasratha. It is also thought that Mrigatana was the son of the fåmous sage Shringi, -who was bom of| a doe. He had the horns of a deer on his head. Another version states that Mrigatana was Maricha, who changed his form into that of a golden deer to entice away Rama at the bidding of Ravana, when he was planning to carry away Sita. Maricha was killed by Rama. The personage in the body of boar was the boar incarnation of Vishnu.

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