PARTHA (ARJUNA) Guru Arjan Dev is an authentic personality. He does not move out (of the battlefield) like Partha (Arjuna). (The word Partha connotes a son of Pritha or Kunti). (Swayye Mahle Panjwen Ke, p. 1408) The word Partha cannotes a son of Pritha or Kunti. Partha is a tide applicable to the three elder Pandavas, but especially used for Arjuna.

Partha or Arjuna has been addressed the celestial song of Bhagavada Gita. Out of the five Pandu princes, he was the third one. His father was Indra, the king of gods. He was the favourite pupil of Dronacharya, who taught him the use of arms. He won Draupadi in her swayyamvara. Later on he married Subhadra, the sister of Kristina. By her, he had a son named Abhimanyu.

He obtained the personal assistance of Kristina in the great war of Mahabharata. Kristina acted as his charioteer and before the war, instructed him regarding the religious philosophy of Yoga through Bhagavade Gita. See : Draupadi, Pandavas

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