SARASVATI Shiva, the destroyer of many sins and the master of three worlds, wandered in several pilgrim-stations, but could not be successful in his mission. The sin of severing the fifth head of Brahma could not be washed off from him. Because of his action, the skull of Brahma sticking to his hand could not fall away till he reached Kapalmochan. (Dhanasari Trilochan, p. 695) According to some accounts Brahma produced Sarasvati.

She was considered as his daughter, but seeing her beauty, Brahma followed her lustfully. To whichever direction she went, Brahma created a head in order to see her. When she could not escape from all the four directions and the four heads of Brahma, she flew towards the sky. Brahma produced the fifth head. Such demeanour of Brahma was not liked by Shiva, therefore he cut off the fifth head of Brahma. This head stuck to his hand, for which Shiva had to go to several pilgrim-stations.

Ultimately, this head fell away at Kapalmochan. In later traditions, Sarasvati has been mentioned as the wife of Brahma. She is the goddess of speech and learning and also the inventress of the Sanskrit language and Devanagari script. In her portraits she is shown as seated on a lotus and holding a vina in her hand. There is no direct reference to her in the Sikh Scripture. Her other names are Savitri and Gayatri.

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