KUL GURU GOBIND SINGH JI KI DASAM PATSHAHI Kl, lit. the family or sept {hula) of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth (dasam) Guru of the Sikhs, forms part of a collection of unpublished Punjabi manuscripts, including such titles as Rahitnama Nand Lal, Rahitnama Prahlad Singh and abbreviated version of Prem Sumdrag Granth, held in the Khalsa College, Amritsar, under catalogue No. 1442. The work, anonymous and undated, recounts in rapid Punjabi verse the genealogy of Guru Gobind Singh in the manner of panegyrics by family bards, i.e. aums or bhalts, for oral recitation in honour of their patrons.Such recitals run from the present to the past, from the known to the unknown.

Beginning with the names of the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh, the Kula traces the line back to mythological past. In the process, explanation is proffered as to how the family came to be known as Sodhi, the composition concludes with the bare statement, “Guru Gobind Singh dies,” which may indicate that it was meant to be recited at the time of the Guru`s passing away. No date is mentioned.

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