PAURIAN GURU GOBIND SINGH KIAN is a poetic composition in Punjabi, in praise of Guru Gobind Singh, with a brief description of the battle of Bharigani (1688). Pauri is the name given to each stanza of a vdr (ballad), paundn being the plural form. The text totally consists of eight stanzas. It is jointly composed by Mir Mushki and Mir Chhabila, two dhddls or bards in attendance on Guru Gobind Singh.

Both of them are said to be descendants of Mir `Abdulla and Mir Nattha, famous dhddis of Guru Hargobind`s time. The first pawn, is in praise of Guru Gobind Singh.The poets present the Guru as an incarnation of God. The second pauri gives details of Guru Gobind Singh`s preparations for the battle of Bharigani, with rather fanciful elaboration.

The remaining stanzas depict the scene of battle and the heroic part played by the Guru who eventually comes out victorious. The first Five stanzas, in the form of pauns, are in old Punjabi. The last three are in literary Braj Bhasa. It appears that the former pauns are by Mir Chhabila, whose name appears in the last line of the third pauri, and the Braj portion may be by Mir Mushki whose name appears in one of the later stanzas.


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