ANI RAI, BABA (b.1618), son of Guru Hargobind, was, according to Gurbilas Chhevin Patshahi, born to Mata Nanaki at Amritsar on 16 Maghar 1675 Bk/14 November 1618. The first to arrive to see the child`s face was grandmother, Mata Ganga, and she was the most rejoiced of all the family. Guru Hargobind, to quote the Gurbilas again, gave him the name Ani Rai (am` , Skt. anik = troops, army; rai = raja or chief), Lord of Armies. As he grew up, Ani Rai remained absorbed within himself most of the time.

He never married and lived the life of a recluse. All we learn from the biographer of Guru Hargobind is that he carried the conch at the funeral of his stepmother (Mata Marvahi), his stepbrother, Suraj Mal, giving his shoulder to the bier. Ani Rai died at Kiratpur where a shrine honouring his memory still exists.

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