S.S. Wanjara Bedi was born at Sialkot, now in Pakistan. He did his M.A. in Punjabi from the Punjabi University and Ph.D. from the University of Delhi. He worked in a bank early in his career and senior lecturer of Dayal Singh college, Delhi. He edited Fateh a weekly and Pritam a monthly magazine from 1949-1952. Bedi has written some eighty books, which includes three collections of poems, five books on literary criticism and some books on folklore on Punjab.

He had been a proud recipient of some fifteen prestigious literary awards, including Sahitya Kala Parishad Award. He had been a member of some literary and cultural associations. Bedi\’s autobiography Galley Chikar Duri Ghar, the book chosen for the award, not only record the autobiographical details of the author\’s life but also explores new dimensions of a person\’s total view of life. There is a remarkable balance between reticence and self-projection in the book. For the maturity of thought, sincerity of expression and chasteness of style, the book is considered to be a great contribution to Punjabi literature.

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