Bhagwant Singh (1926 – ) an eminent punjabi poet, was born in 1926. His poetry stems from the inhibited experiences of a frustrated middle class, and the axis which makes him conscious of the hollowness and hypocrisy revolving round it. He does not use the traditional regular metres but his lines consist of ironical phrases and figures which have their own poetic rhythms. His irony and satire have, however, no fixed focus. His view of society is negative lacking any specific direction.

This lack of fixed direction perhaps makes him more lethal for our present social mores. He is particularly hard upon man\’s professions of love, especially in respect of the female sex. He has published six collections of poems under the titles as Niras (Hope and Despair), Hanere Sath (Companions in the Dark), Asgah Bhatkan (Unlimited Thirst), Sul Sirjana (Manufacture of a Cross), and Vad Prativad (Point Counterpoint).

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