GULERIA, JAGJIT SINGH Guleria, Jagjit Singh (1917 – )is a well-known poet writing in a mystic strain. He has thus kept up the tradition established by Bhai Vir Singh and Puran Singh in Punjabi poetry. Some of his famous works include Jharnatan, Annsian, Sanjhiwal and Punarmilan. Guleria served in the Army from 1942 to 1973 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

For several years, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of Sainik Samachar, a pictorial journal of Indian Armed Forces. He also writes prose in a style known for its originality, vitality and preciseness. Religion is his forte and he has attempted in several of his prose and poetic works to interpret Sikhism in the modem context. Some of his works have been translated into Hindi, Urdu and Marathi.

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