Joshi, Mohinder Singh, an eminent short story writer, was born in 1919. Since, he belongs to the legal profession, Justice Joshi\’s characters are clearly delineated, plots painfully constructed and the language assiduously polished. His dialogues are measured; the protagonists speaking not a phrase more than that what is absolutely called for. He made his debut as a short story writer in 1958 with his collection entitled Preetan de Parchhaven (The Shadows of Love), and he has not looked back ever since, publishing eleven collections of short stories and a novel called Tarian de Pair Chitar (Footprints of Stars) in 1979.

More important among his collections of short stories are Dil ton Door (Away from Heart), Sonh Mainun Apni (Swearing by Self), Daropdi da Dosh (Draupadi\’s Crime), and Mere Patte Men Khed (My Cards and My Game). He has also to his credit an anthology of some of his best short stories entitled Merian Shresht Kahanian (My Best Stories). Most of his stories relate to the Malwa region with which he has a fairly reliable acquaintance. Professor Harbans Singh, the noted Punjabi scholar and historian while talking about him in his article “Modern Punjabi Literature” has this to say about Justice Joshi: “Mohinder Singh Joshi, one of the more consistent and better known younger writers, explores the theme with understanding the enthusiasm.

He can occasionally lay an edge of satire on his descriptions and has drawn with telling effect some memorable characters from country life. What, however, mars the total effect is his tendency to be carried away by his language.” The hallmark of his writing is preciseness of thought, expression and plots and those they are peopled with.

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