MULA KIR, a Khatri of Kir sub caste mentioned among Guru Nanak`s devoted Sikhs by Bhai Gurdas, Varan, XI. 13. As Mula one day appeared before the Guru to seek instruction, he was told to resort to the sabda, work honestly for his living and serve the Sikhs. He practised devoutly the precepts laid down by the Guru. He extended open hospitality to anyone who came to his door seeking food or shelter. Once, records Bhai Mani Singh, Sikhan di Bhagat Mala, there came to his house a man who had learnt much of the sacred word by heart but whose deeds were not in conformity with what he professed.

Mula treated him hospitably and offered him a bed for the night. During the night, as the hosts slept, the guest removed the box containing the jewellery of Mula`s wife. Much before dawn he awoke his host and asked for the key of the gate to go out and resume his journey. As the guest moved hastily towards the exit, the box fell down from under his arm. Mula picked it up and put it into the hands of his guest and bade him goodbye.

When in the morning Mula`s wife discovered the loss, he told her that a burgler had broken into the house at night and stolen the ornaments. He explained the guest`s absence by saying that he had left early in the morning lest anyone should blame him. Then he had new jewellery made for his wife. Mula did not wish it to be known that anyone calling himself a Sikh had committed a theft. The Guru was pleased when he heard this. As Mula next went to see him, he said, “Thou hast shown esteem for the honour of the faith. The Guru shall save thy honour.”

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