NARAIN SINGH, a well to do Arora Sikh businessman of the village of Bahirampura, near Dinanagar, in Gurdaspur district, helped Bhai Maharaj Singh (d. 1856) financially on several occasions. He had facility in reciting hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib and was widely traveled. He was summoned by Maharaj Singh to Rawalpindi before the battles of Chelianvala and Gujrat, and was assigned to procuring grain for the Khalsa army. After the battles, Bhai Maharaj Singh had moved to Jammu region and thence to Sujoval, near Batala.

At the latter place a plan was made to abduct the young Maharaja Duleep Singh before the British removed him from the Punjab. Narain Singh provided finanace for the party entrusted with the execution of the plan (which, however, leaked prematurely and failed). He also financed the trip of Maharaj Singh`s emissaries to Bhai Kishan Singh and Bhai Nihal Singh in the North-West Frontier Province. Later at Kandola, in Jalandhar district, he helped Bhai Maharaj Singh with funds to carry on with his campaign.

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