SINGH, TAKHAT (1914 – 1990)

SINGH, TAKHAT (1914 – 1990)

Singh, Takhat, an eminent poet, was born in 1914 and died in 1990. He entered the field of Punjabi poetry via Urdu in which he commands a considerable reputation. As a consequence of his training in Urdu, he has written mostly ghazals. In fact, he has brought the ghazal form in Punjabi to maturity. His thinking is influenced mostly by the progressive poets of Urdu and by Mohan Singh.

He has published half a dozen collections of ghazals in Punjabi entitled Vangar (Challenge), Kav Hilune (Swings of Poetry), Hambule (Flourishes), Anakh de Phul (Flowers of Pride) and Lishkaran (Flashes). Takhat Singh is like the progressives an optimist in his social attitudes, and his proficiency in Urdu has added a varied aesthetic dimension to his verse.

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