PANJAB KAUR (d. 1741) was the wife of Baba Ram Rai, who after being disowned by his father. Guru Har Rai, for his heresy had settled in Dehra Dun. Ram Rai died on 4 September 1687. Panjab Kaur believed that her husband had not died a natural death and that he had only been in samddhi or trance when he was malevolently cremated by his masands or ministers disregarding her protest and entreaties. 

She sent a letter to Guru Gobind Singh, then at Paonta, not far from Dehra Dun, reiterating her complaint. Guru Gobind Singh visited Dehra Dun to chasdse the masands against whom cavil had been raised and to install Panjab Kaur as successor to her husband`s gaddl, i.e. seat or office. Panjab Kaur died in Dehra Dun on Baisakh sudt 4,1798 Bk/10 April 1741.

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