KARAM NARAIN (b. 1817), the third son of Diwan Savan Mall, a Khatri of Chopra caste, served the Lahore Darbar in different capacities. His grandfather, Hoshnak Rai, was in the service of Sardar Dal Singh of Akalgarh and his father was governor of Multan. Karam Narain acted as the lieutenant of his father in the Lciah district carrying on civil duties as well as holding military command in the fort of Mankera. He endeared himself to the people by his impartiality and liberal nature.

After the death of his father, Karam Narain did not remain on good terms with his brother, Mul Raj, who even confined him in the house in 1847 for two months and, after his release, let him leave Multan with his share of paternal property. He settled at Akalgarh. He did not play any part in the rebellion of Mul Raj. He received a pension of Rs 400 from the British Government.

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