KIRPAL CHAND, son of Bhai Lal Chand Subhikkhi and brother of Mata Gujari, mother of Guru Gobind Singh. He began his career as a soldier in Guru HarRai`s army and maintained close contact with Tcgh Bahadur during his long years of seclusion at Bakala. He was one of those who protected the Guru`s person against armed attack by the masand Shihah. He served Guru Gobind Singh as treasurer and camp organizer. While Guru Tcgh Bahadur went farther into Bengal and Assam, Kirpal Chand remained at Patna to look after the family, and later, on the way back, he escorted his newly born son, Gobind Rai, and the ladies from Patna to Anandpur.

After Guru Tcgh Bahadur`s martyrdom he practically occupied for several years the position of the guardian of the young Guru and managed the affairs of the household under the care of Mata Gujari and Mata Nanaki. His valour in the battle of Bhangani is applauded by Guru Gobind Singh in his Bachitra Ndlak. Kirpal Chand outlived Guru Gobind Singh and after him undertook the responsibility of managing the holy shrines at Amritsar. The date of his death is not known.

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