BAGHAR SINGH, BHAI, killed in 1740, was the youngest son of Bhai Alam Singh Nachna, of Duburji village in Sialkot district, a warrior in Guru Gobind Singh\’s retinue at Anandpur. His elder brothers, Mohar Singh and Amolak Singh, too, were soldiers and are believed to have died fighting along with their father in the battle of Chamkaur on 7 December 1705. As he grew up, Baghar Singh also joined the ranks of the Khalsa.

That was the time when Sikhs were forced under State persecution to leave their hearths and homes and find shelter in distant deserts and woods. Once when Baghar Singh came home to visit his family, a government informer spied on him and had him arrested. He was, under the orders of the Mughal governor, Zakariya Khan, tortured, his body was stretched on a revolving wheel before he was beheaded at Lahore in 1740.

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