ISHAR SINGH, BHAI, one of the Five Muktas, fell a martyr in the battle of Chamkaur (7 December 1705). See DEVA SINGH, BHAi ISHAR SINGH, BHAI (1888-1921), one of the Nankana Sahib martyrs, was born at Rupovali in Gurdaspur district on 13 Savan 1945 BK/27July 1888, the elder son of Bhai Vadhava Singh and Mai Lachhmi. Around 1906, the family migrated to Chakk No. 33 Dharovali in Sheikhupura district in search of a better living. At Dharovali contact with Lachhman Singh, who was a devout Sikh, changed the course of his life.

He started to learn reading and writing Gurmukhi and went through the Khalsa rites of pahul. He journeyed with him to the Nankana Sahib and was in hisjathd of Akali reformers which was massacred to a man on the fateful morning of 20 February 1921. See NANKANA SAHIB MASSACRE. The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee settled upon his widow a pension of Rs 11.5 per month and paid Rs 410 in lump sum to discharge the family debt. BIBLIOGRAPHY Shamsher, Gurbakhsh Singh, Shnhidi Jivun. Nankana Sahib, 1938

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