KAPUR SINGH, BHAI (d. 1924), one of the martyrs of Jaito, was born around the turn of the century, the son of Bhat Variam Singh Brar and Mat Nand Kaur, a peasant couple of village Land in the present Faridkot district of the Punjab. He took pdhul of the Khalsa and joined the first shahid ljalhd, or a band of Akali volunteers, ready for martyrdom, who were marching towards Jaito, a town in the then Nabha state, to win the right of freedom of worship in the historical Gurdwara Gangsar there.

As the jathd approached the outskirts of Jaito on the morning of 21 February 1924, it was fired upon by the state security forces. A bullet pierced Bhai Kapur Singh`s body through the hips. Some comrades carried him to Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib where he succumbed to his injury. The state police took away his body for mass cremation along with twenty odd other victims of the firing. Bhai Kapur Singh was unmarried and had already lost his parents.

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