KARAM SINGH (d.1923), Babar revolutionary, was born Narain Singh at the village of Daulatpur, in Jalandhar district. Narain Singh attended the village school and in 1912 left home to seek his fortune in Canada. In Canada he came under the influence of Asa Singh alias Mahlab Singh, who had been active in the Ghadr revolution. Fired will patriotic zeal, Narain Singh returned to India in 1914, and received at Nankana Sahib the rites of the Khalsa, and his new name Karam Singh. As an Akah jatheddr, he addressed meetings in the countryside inciting people to rise against the British.

He formed a terrorist group, Chakravartt Jatha, which counted among its members Asa Singh Bhakrudi, Karam Singh Jhingar, Dalip Singh Gosal and Dhanna Singh ofBahibalpur. A political conference convened by Karam Singh at Mahitpur in February 1921 initiated a campaign for indoctrination in armed revolution. Major divans took place at Mahalpur (March 1921), at Kukkar Mu/ara (October 1921), at Kot Fatuhl (February 1922) and at Kaulgarh (May 1922). Karam Singh also sponsored the publication of a radical paper in Punjabi, the Babar Akdiz Dodbd.

He brought out the first three issues, dated 20,21 and 2,4 August 1922, after which Kishan Singh Garga took over the editorship. Meanwhile, the police cordon tightened. As a result of the treachery of An up Singh Manko, who pretended to be a helper of the Babar Akalts, Karam Singh, Bishan Singh of Mangat, Ljde Singh of Ramgarh Jhugiah and Mohindar Singh of Pandori Ganga Singh were surrounded by a police party at the village of Bambeli on 1 September 1923, and killed to a man in what was clearly an unequal fight.

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