CHUHAR SINGH, owning allegiance to the Shahid misi, was a close relation of the Bhangi sardar, Rai Singh, the conqueror of Jagadhri and Dialgarh. He received the Jarauli area as his share of the spoils after the sack of Sirhind in January 1764. He retained ten villages for himself and made over the rest to his deputies. Returning to Amritsar, he held charge of the Shahid Buriga for many years.

He acquired considerable territory on either side of the River Ravi, and was considered one of the most powerful sardars of his day. He placed his younger son, Mohar Singh, in charge of the village of Jarauli, while Karam Singh the elder, subsequently succeeded to the family estates north of the Sutlej. Karam Singh died in 1808.

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