FATEH SINGH (d. 1875), son of Nidhan Singh Hathu, was a soldier in the Sikh army and was attached to his father`s contingent wherein he remained until 1827 when he was placed in the Ghorcharha Kalan regiment. In 1834, he accompanied Maharaja Ranjit Singh to Peshawar and, in 1840, he was sent, under Arjan Singh Ranghar Nanglia, to Mandi and Kullu where a rebellion had broken out. After the death of Raja Hira Singh in December 1844, Fateh Singh was ordered to Rajauri and Punchh to put down an insurrection there.

During the first AngloSikh war (1845-46), Fateh Singh remained in Lahore with General Gulab Singh Pahuvindia assigned to protecting the minor Maharaja Duleep Singh. Soon after the war, he was appointed commandant of the Suraj Mukhi corps. In 1847, he accompanied Lieut.Herbert Edwardes to Bannu, and served throughout the Multan campaign of 1848. After the annexation of the Punjab, he joined the police. Fateh Singh died in 1875.

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