KARORA SINGH (d. 1761), founder of the Karorsirighia principality of the Sikhs, was a VirkJatt belonging to the village of Bark! in the district of Lahore. He had been forcibly converted to Islam during the lime of Nawab Zakariya Khan. He, however, rejoined the Sikh faith receiving the rites of initiation at the hands of Dlwan Darbara Singh.

Karora Singh generally confined his activities to the tract lying south of the Karigra hills in Hoshiarpur district. In 1759, after the death of Adina Beg Khan, Karora Singh killed Adina`s diwdn Bishambhar Mall, and seized considerable territory, including places such as Hoshiarpur, Hariana and Sham Chaurasi. Karora Singh was killed at Taraori, near Karnal, fighting against the Nawab of Kurijpura in 1761.

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